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Meriden is bordered by Connecticut, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey and is located on the east and west sides of the Connecticut River between New Haven and Hartford. The regional rail service, which is offered by Amtrak and runs from north to south through the city center, connects the city of Meriden with the regional rail service. Meridan had a brief period when long-distance bus service was suspended, but it has since reopened - as a regional transit hub.

The city was also served by the Middletown, Meriden and Waterbury Railroad, which operated freight and passenger services between Waterburg and Midletowown from 1888 until it ceased operations in 1924. The railway line, opened in 1839, ran from Meridan to New Haven and back again from 1846 to 1848. The Silver Theatre brought television to Meridien for the first time in the history of the city and broadcast live from the Silver Theatre on the second floor of the City Hall.

From 1937 to 1947, the International Silver Company sponsored a national radio program that was broadcast on CBS in Hollywood. The radio programs featured a variety of local and national celebrities as well as celebrities from the United States and Canada.

Meriden became an important production centre when several companies were founded or relocated to the city and involved in the production of gold, silver, copper and other metals and other products. The Aeolian Company developed a music hall in New York and grew rapidly, creating production facilities in other locations. In 1876, the Meriden Britannia Company made a major effort at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, winning first place for clad goods.

Meriden was also home to the Parker Brothers guns, which were widely known and traded among firearms enthusiasts. In 1888 Charles Parker and James F. Allen founded the Meriden Printing Company, the first printing house in the United States, and in 1888 continued the Parkers "former printing houses.

Meriden was one of the locations for the 1989 film Jacknife, directed by David Jones, starring John Travolta, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet. The film was adapted from the novel "Jack and the Beanstalk" by William S. Burroughs, a native of Meriden and author of several books.

In the southwestern quadrant of the city, known to residents as the South Meriden, the Quinnipiac River flows through the city, snaking through a canyon lined with several exposed sandstone and brownstone cliffs. Harbor Brook, originally called Pilgrim's HarborBrook, cuts through the city before flowing into the Hudson River, a tributary of the Connecticut River and the New Haven River. At the northern end of Merden, this park becomes the Cross Connecticut Trail, one of Connecticut's most popular bike and walking trails. It crosses the river via a series of bridges and connecting bridges, as well as a number of hiking trails and paths along the coast.

Meriden is a mountainous trap - rock reefs that stretch from Long Island Sound to almost the Vermont border and have about 1,000 residents. Notable peaks in Meriden include Mount Hanging Rock, the state's highest peak, and the Great Wall of China, one of Connecticut's highest peaks.

Castle Craig, the city's landmark for over a century, was built in the Hanging Hills of Hubbard Park. Hubbard's Park and H Hanging Hills were funded by Walter Hubbard and Bradley Hubbard, both of his companies, as public spaces.

Thanks to generous donations and team sponsorship, the league was able to offer a season in the summer and fall for players ages 9 to 16. To enable the team to use the facilities and equipment, teams in Meriden rely heavily on donations, which raise thousands of dollars each year for their teams "equipment and travel expenses. We offer free registration for all players again 4-16 year olds born in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We already have registrations for the first two weeks of the season and for every week after that for $20.

To maximize our ability to play most games, we plan games that are the exact opposite of what we do in other cities. By re-partnering with the MLL and Connecticut Riptide (with whom we work together) we can ensure that there are no pre-match conflicts, ensuring that all players are registered in the league and ready for the season.

If we cannot offer our players a baseball experience, our registration is 100% guaranteed and will be fully refunded. We are happy to offer you a FULL REFUNDATION without any questions, and we are happy to offer you this. However, if we cannot provide you with the baseball experience and your player is not yet ready to play, you may require a registration fee to order your uniform by March 15, 2021.

In addition, all MLL players who have registered with the Connecticut Riptide will have their $100 registration fee deducted from their M LL registration. Ripside deducts 100% of the registration fee for Meriden Little League from your Ripide registration.

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