Dentist gets 7 years for sexually assaulting patients

Published 11-14-2018

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - A former Connecticut dentist who sexually assaulted two patients and stalked one has been sentenced to serve up to seven years in prison.

Jeffrey Krahling, of Wallingford, was sentenced in New Haven Superior Court to a seven- to 15-year sentence, suspended after seven years.

The 53-year-old Krahling pleaded guilty under the Alford doctrine to multiple offenses including fourth-degree sexual assault and child pornography. That means while not agreeing with the state's case, he acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict.

Prosecutors say the assaults happened in 2016 at Krahling's Meriden practice. Investigators say Krahling grinded his genitals on the victims during dental procedures.

Prosecutors say Krahling called one victim four times after the alleged assault.

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